Van Helsing Season 4

Van Helsing Season 4

Year: Duration: 42 MinView: 43 views
222 votes, average 7.1 out of 10

Vanessa and Lily barely survive their confrontation with Sam, escaping with the amulet containing the Dark One’s blood. In Denver, Julius fights Scab and manages to blow him up with a grenade, severely injuring him. The daywalkers become immune to Doc’s anti-vampire ammo and overrun the city. Hansen, Blak-Tek’s leader, orders the remaining citizens gassed to death and retreats to safety with Doc and Julius. Upon discovering Julius’s regenerative abilities, he coerces Doc into trying to replicate them. He assigns Julius to train his daughter, Violet, in combat. Sam and the Oracle begin the process of freeing the Dark One. Lily is astonished and appalled to learn that the vampires have overrun the Earth. She and Vanessa retrieve the Van Helsing family book. They are attacked by feral vampires and Lily is mortally wounded. Vanessa offers too have a vampire turn her, then turn her back with her own bite in order to heal her, but Lily refuses. Lily dies in despair, believing the Van Helsings’ battle against the vampires was futile. Standing over her grave, Vanessa vows to finish the battle.

Last Air Date:27 Sep 2019
Number Of Episode:TBC

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